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We are glad to be busy with precious stones for more than 30 years now because of your good cooperation, thanks a lot. Our assortment was always adjusted to the fashion and the spirit of the age. We offer a comprehensive assortment of jewellery and accessoires for the living space made of precious and decorative stones as well as Indonesian articles made of wood and other natural materials. Permanent journeys all over the world to our partners in China, Brazil, Pakistan, South Africa and other countries make our offer interesting and varied.
We also pay attention at the production and working conditions at our visits and choose our business partners based on these criterion. A lot of pictures of the travels you may find at the picture gallery at "interactive" which may give you an impression of the origin of our articles and the craftman´s mastery.

The web page may not be a compensation of a visit at our show rooms. We like to invite you to select your goods personally from our show rooms on a place of more than 2,000 m². A lot of further articles and current special offers are waiting for you. We like to ask you to give us a short call before you like to visit us to make sure that we can care for you intensive. I like to point out that it is unfortunately impossible to have all the offered articles available at stock continuously. Although we are planning on a long-term basis and have a big stock, we are dependent on the situation of the site of the discovery and of the conditions in the countries of origin. In case your visit is aimed on special articles or bigger quantities, we like to ask you to inform us before you come to us to check your request.
The health resort Zella-Mehlis, located central in Germany with very optimum highway conditions, is situated in the vacation resort Thuringian forest very close to the famous winter sports town Oberhof at the Rennsteig. The head office of our company is situated in the historical factory of the Walther-Waffen-Werke which we redeveloped with old details but also modern components. Here are our show rooms, the daily dispatch of parcels and the offices.
In our logistics centre called "LogiZen" which was built in 2007 we have an extensive stock. Also we prepare the goods for our project business there. We are working here for customers of the area mail-order firms, tele shopping and chains of stores. Some pictures in our catalogue may show you our innovative ideas of packing boxes.
Our LogiZen is planned for these tasks, for example we have a sluice to unload our containers as well as a big packing line which makes it possible to have optimum and efficient working conditions. We were also looking for ecological facts, we installed a facility to use rainwater, the heating system works with raw materials which are growing again.


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